Church of Psilomethoxin

Our Story

Thank you for choosing to join our sacred and growing community of aligned entheogen-based spiritual/religious practitioners. We are very grateful to have you! We would like to take a minute and discuss a bit about the history, mission, and core beliefs of our Church.

The Church of Psilomethoxin was established in November of 2021 immediately after the discovery and confirmation of our holy sacrament, Psilomethoxin. Psilomethoxin (4-OH-5-MEO-DMT) was first discovered and synthesized in 1965 by the Pasteur institute. The synthesis of Psilomethoxin is a very intricate and time consuming process, with some chemists claiming it would take up to 30 days to synthesize this sacred compound. Due to the amount of time and resources, and the passing of the Controlled Substances Act in the early 70’s, the research and production on Psilomethoxin never commenced. While the Pasteur Institute did obtain a patent on Psilomethoxin, it lapsed after twenty years.

In approximately 2005, the great chemist and pharmacologist, Alexander Shulgin, published an article on his website Cognitive Liberty wherein he theorized that Psilomethoxin could potentially be produced by feeding 5-MEO-DMT (the “God Molecule”) to sacred mushroom substrates. In the article, Shulgin noted his interest in Psilomethoxin and also acknowledged that the synthesis of Psilomethoxin is extremely onerous and not practical to undergo.

In late 2021, Church co-founder Ian Benouis, who has been an entheogen-based spiritual/religious practitioner for over twenty years, received a download during a series of psilocybin and 5-MEO-DMT journeys, which pointed him in the direction of mixing 5-MEO-DMT with sacred mushroom substrates. Initially confused, Ian started to do some research on the possibility of mixing these two sacred entheogens together. Eventually, through an amazing and divine synchronicity, he was led to the Shulgin article which explained his entire download.

Soon thereafter, Ian was able to coordinate some experiments with the 5-MEO-DMT and sacred mushroom substrate mixture. Once the process was done and fruiting bodies were produced, Ian set out, with co-founders Benjamin Moore and Ryan Begin, to perform a week-long dieta with the sacrament. This dieta took place in Mexico. Immediately after consuming Psilomethoxin, the group knew they had discovered a very unique sacrament. The week-long dieta provided them their initial guidance and direction for bringing it to other aligned entheogen-based spiritual/religious practitioners across the globe.

Upon their return to the United States, Ian, Ben, and Ryan reached out to Greg Lake; Ian’s law partner (together they have helped in the formation of over 60 Entheogenic Churches) and thus the Church of Psilomethoxin was established.
After founding the church in November 2021, the founders continued to experiment with Psilomethoxin to further verify its safety profile and subjective effects. From November 2021 to September 2022, more than 500 entheogen-based spiritual/religious practitioners were given offerings of the sacrament, with the agreement they would report back their experiences. After 500 reports were received, the Church founders knew that Psilomethoxin had a solid safety profile and as such, it was the time to open the doors of the Church to a much wider population of aligned entheogen-based spiritual/religious practitioners. As such, in mid-September 2022, the Church published its website and invited aligned persons from across the globe to join our sacred community.

The Church also believes that Psilomethoxin is an extremely sacred substance and that it allows our members to tap into their inner divinity. We are famously known as the Church of “I AM” because we want to empower our members to stop seeking outside of themselves for the Divine. Through faithfully working with our Sacrament and making necessary life changes, our members can identify and communicate with their own inner Divinity.

Psilomethoxin, in addition to representing a confluence of science/medicine and nature/spirit/religion, is also a universal sacrament. As many are aware, the traditional entheogenic sacraments and their sacred/ritualistic use has been marred by identity politics, with certain groups claiming complete ownership and right to use certain earth-based entheogens. Psilomethoxin was gifted to humanity to unite and not divide ourselves. Hence, it is a universal sacrament and any human being has full right and title to engage in the sacred use of Psilomethoxin however they feel called. The Psilomethoxin lineage is the human lineage. We invite all to come and commune with our holy sacrament according to the dictates of their own conscience. We believe that Psilomethoxin is the missing and final link in the Eagle and Condor prophecy.

The Church of Psilomethoxin is a non-dogmatic church. We do not mandate that our members believe anything specific. However, the Church does realize the importance of exploring and finding acceptable and individualized answers to many of life’s ultimate, general, and specific questions. For instance, we believe that a modicum of inner peace and tranquility can be attained by those who seek and find answers for life’s ultimate questions such as: What is the nature of reality? Where did I come from? What is the purpose of life? What is the nature of life and death?, etc. To this end, the Church holds regular bi-weekly Sunday Services where we explore the answers to these questions through a wide variety of ancient and modern texts on these issues. In fact, as it relates to the question of the nature of reality, modern science (quantum physics) has started to provide answers which usually mirror those of ancient peoples. Here again, science and religion are slowly coming together to share some common ground, which we in the Church seek to facilitate.
In addition to our Sunday Services, the Church also produces regular writings touching upon these questions and issues. Our goal is to provide a loving container for our members to explore the answers to these questions both alone and in group settings. We are a community of devoted seekers and have organized with the mission of assisting ourselves and others in our community down the path of spiritual seeking.

The Church believes that integrating entheogen-induced spiritual/religious experiences, while secondary to the sacramental consumption of entheogens, is also a very important part of our overall spiritual/religious practice. In this, we place value on the primary spiritual/religious experience over secondary religious phenomena. On a fundamental level, the spiritual/religious practices of our Church are no different than that of other established religions. Most established religions rely on the text of a holy book, usually mediated through a third party such as a priest or rabbi, as a primary means of imparting answers to ultimate questions as well as general and specific life guidance to their adherents. These are what the academics call secondary religious phenomena as they are not based on direct spiritual/religious experiences of the adherent. In this example, the priest or Rabbi reads select passages from their holy book (which is usually a collection of ancient primary religious/mystical experiences) and relates to the adherent what that means for their life today.

The Church of Psilomethoxin, while primarily focused on the sacramental consumption of our holy sacrament, Psilomethoxin, is in alignment with the intentional and sacred use of other entheogens. As such, we invite our members to share their other sacred entheogenic experiences in our integration groups and member forums. In ancient times, there is copious amounts of evidence to suggest that entheogen-based religious practitioners incorporated all locally sourced entheogens into their spiritual/religious practice. As such, humans desiring to work with a multitude of sacred entheogens as part of their overall spiritual/religious practice is perfectly natural and in accord with our shared world religious heritage.

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