Church of Psilomethoxin

Meagan Pilawski
Marketing & Community Outreach

Meagan Pilawski, BSN, MS-MCST, 200-RYT, is a scientist who spent years working in palliative and end-of-life care. Her close experience with healing autoimmune diseases, and with the dying process, led to a deep interest in entheogenic and sacred plant medicines. Meagan works closely with brain health, and has served as a subject matter expert on brain health, using nootropic mushrooms, as well as cannabis, meditation, and energetic frequency healing. She serves as an integration guide for a Bufo Church (Yoosh Quii Yakoo) based out of Mexico, as well as facilitates ganjasana ceremonies in the greater Tampa Bay area of Florida. She received her Masters in Medical Cannabis Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy, is an attuned Reiki Master, and a certified yoga teacher. She hopes to use her experience and research to continue to identify compounds and modalities that facilitate the healing of deep cellular traumas and addictions. She serves on the marketing and outreach teams for both EntheoConnect and the Church of Psilomethoxin.

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