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Integration Services

Integration is Key

The Church of Psilomethoxin offers integration meetings virtually to the members of the church. General Integration meetings are currently on Sunday immediately following each Sunday Service. Links to the zoom meetings are sent via email to members prior to each meeting, and are also available in the Private Facebook Group. 

Integration is defined as: bringing parts together to make a whole; the organization of the constituent elements of the personality into a coordinated, harmonious whole being. 

Integration also refers to taking the gained insights, emotions, or attitudes from your spiritual or sacramental experience, and processing them into the desired areas of your life. 

It is the shift of where you are, to the direction of a new, desired way of being and creating calm foundations the rest of your life can be built upon.

Spiritual and sacramental experiences have the potential to open up very dramatic or significant ways of being, new ways of viewing others, and how you view yourself. It may bring to light new goals you have, things you want to do, say, or move towards. It may also open up deep wounds and traumas from our lives. 

Research has shown that mystical spiritual experiences can reliably lead to positive changes, with proper integration. 

There are 4 areas of integration: Spiritual, Emotional, Therapy, and Physical. 



Here are some ways to integrate an entheogenic, spiritual or mystical experience: 

Be gentle with yourself, as life is a “one foot in front of the other” process, that takes you from where and who you are now, to where and who you desire to be.

Integration Disclaimer: 

The Church of Psilomethoxin offers bi-weekly general integration support, virtually to its’ members online, immediately following the Sunday Service. We look forward to bringing on Integration support team members who can offer more individualized support and care directly to members in the future. We will also be adding specialized virtual support meetings to veterans and other groups of individuals, as needed. We welcome your input and suggestions using the “contact us” form on the website. If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911 and / or your medical provider. Church of Psilomethoxin Integration Support is not meant to replace your personal mental or medical healthcare provider. 

* For peer-to-peer community support please download the “Fireside Chat” app: 

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