Church of Psilomethoxin

Ethereal Hope
Head of Integration

Hope is psychedelic integration specialist, intuitive spiritual guide, death doula and medicine woman, with over 30 years of experience exploring a wide variety of sacred psychedelic medicines and religious sacraments. “Hope” assists clients with the decisions around taking sacred medicines, as well as practitioner selection, pre- and post-psychedelic or spiritual experience counseling, with a specialty focus on complex integration, reactivations and spiritual crisis. Hope was the Director of the psycho-spiritual program for Crossroads, in Mexico. While there she educated, prepared and guided patients through Ibogaine treatments, as well as facilitated 5-MeO-DMT using the Bufo Alvarius medicine. As the Integration Program Director for World Bufo Alvarius Congress (WBAC) in 2018, she was a featured speaker on 5-MeO and trauma, the facilitator of the daily integration sharing circles and coordinated 3 days of integration workshops. She was recently featured in an article in Forbes on 5-MeO safety and appeared as an expert on panel discussions hosted by the Los Angeles Medicinal Psychedelic Society (L.A.M.P.S.) on “Death & Psychedelics”; Tam Integration on “Spiritual Emergencies” and The Psychedelic Institute’s Awakening Consciousness Conference on “D.M.T: The portal to God and Spirit” and “Women in Psychedelics”. Her soul’s passion is entheogenic education, the prevention of psychedelic induced trauma and integration aftercare through a variety of harm reduction initiatives and private coaching. In 2015, she began to extensively volunteer her time to those in need of emergency integration support, while moderating online harm reduction discussion groups helping those harmed by psychedelic experiences or seeking further education and harm reduction information.

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